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www.dietkundali.com is an online website intended to give you, your nutritional status. This nutritional status is then used to identify the risk associated with your health. Using www.dietkundali.com you can produce the nutritional status of important 11 vitamins, 10 minerals, essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, protein with 9 essential amino acids, fats, dietary fibre and energy, based on monthly consumption (eating pattern)  
This will help you focus accurately on particular nutrient/s which are important in a particular disease/cause for a given patient or person, helping make your diet plan more root oriented.    
Nutritional status is condition of the body in relation to the consumption and utilization of nutrients which you take from food. When one or several of your body systems are not working properly (as in cased of back pain or high blood pressure or high blood sugar), it most likely relates, in some degree, to nutritional status. Prolonged nutritional deficiency may lead to some health risks. How well your body functions is a direct echo of what you eat.
It is however to be noted that a single nutrient will not make much of difference to your health if taken alone because it needs other nutrients to work effectively, if nutrients are taken together they have great positive effect on our health.
Look at following general facts which are common in discussions among people.
1.    It is well discussed topic that, back pain means calcium deficiency or prolong deficiency of calcium may lead to bone problems.        However many people hardly know that calcium needs magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin D for proper absorption.  
2.   It is recommended on TV channels to take iron medicines to prevent anemia. However, the advertisement doesn’t disclose, that        iron also needs folic acid and vitamin C for proper absorption. Moreover, anemia is also caused by copper deficiency.  
3.    People believe obesity, smoking, alcohol and stress are the causes of high blood pressure, but little we know that high blood      pressure is caused mainly by narrowing of arteries gap. Obesity, smoking, alcohol and stress facilitate the environment            conducive for raising the blood pressure.  
4.     In designing a diabetic diet for pre-diabetic or diabetic type II symptoms (before consulting a dietitian), people reduce rice and       sweets intake (which is good). They avoid intake of excess glucose in the body but it does not helps metabolizing the blood       glucose, which is the function of insulin. Supplementation of chromium, magnesium in your diabetic diet may help improve         insulin resistance. Adding fibre to your diet helps reduce glucose uptake in your body thus improving the insulin secretion. So          isn’t it wise to combine the nutrients to increase their effectiveness?  
Nutrients work well in synergy. Analyzing or consuming nutrients in isolation may be waste of time, efforts and money. It therefore necessary for us to know the overall nutritional status to identify our nutritional risks.  
Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals of your diet chart are now-a-days more important in life than the planets in your birth chart. Most of us know that it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates. But knowing and doing are two different realities.  
Let’s evaluate further.
1. Do you eat 9-13 servings of fruits & vegetables every day?
2. Do you eat colourful & variety of fruits & vegetables every day?
3. Do you get essential amino acids from your diet which your body cannot produce?
4. Does your food meet body’s nutritional need?
If the answer is No then you must prepare your Diet Kundali.