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What is Diet Kundali?

Diet Kundali is an online tool where you can analyze your nutritional status, for designing your own diet plan. You can also identify your nutritional risk associated with your eating habits.


Why Nutritional Status is important for designing my diet plan?

Nutritional status is important to know what are your eating habits and nutrient intake and their relative deficiency or adequacy.

Suppose a person has type 2 diabetes and he wants to design his diabetic diet to balance his lifestyle and eating habits, it will be very important to know his intake of chromium and antioxidants along with calories intake. If you know this, then it is very easy for you to include in your diet chart, the foods that will increase insulin sensitivity and will support glucose metabolism.  On the other hand, you can exclude that food which gives you more calories.


How does Diet Kundali can help conventional diet plan?

In conventional diet counseling you give your diet recall (whatever you remember you eat in last three days) and then based on that information your diet chart is generated. This diet chart is mostly based on calories through protein, carbs and fats alone and does not consider other important nutrients.

Through Diet Kundali, you will come to know status of important 11 vitamins, 10 minerals along with protein, carbs, fats and energy intake. This can make your diet plan more specific to your health needs.


Why I should generate Diet Kundali?

You need not to generate Diet Kundali if you feel you and your family are enjoying optimal health and if you believe that you will continue to enjoy optimal health in future also. However, if you feel that your lifestyle, heredity and other conditions are restricting you and your family to enjoy optimal health, Diet Kundali can serve you in designing your balanced diet plan. Following are the conditions where Diet Kundali can be helpful to you.

        i.            One having poor eating habits (including children), fast lifestyle, having history of non-communicable disease in the family.

      ii.            Anybody who wants to live optimal health (A health Status beyond just good health)

    iii.            Weight management without nutritional deficiency

     iv.            Who wants beautiful and glowing skin

       v.            Person having low immunity

     vi.            Person suffering from non communicable disease


What is the benefit of diet kundali?

Generating Diet Kundali will serve you no benefit if you do not take any action to improve on your generated nutritional status. It will be total waste of time and money on your part.

However, if you design your balanced diet to suit your lifestyle and act to make changes in your regular diet

You can achieve your desired weight loss,

You can have your dream glowing skin,

You can continue to enjoy good health,

Improved immunity and faster healing and even more

 How Diet Kundali work?

You can download monthly consumption guide available in different languages at our website that will assist you in listing down what you have consumed.



Is generating Diet Kundali for entire family mandatory?

Not really. The idea behind recommending Diet Kundali for entire family is you are bringing monthly grocery for entire family and not for individual person. Moreover, you can get nutritional status for entire family. You can identify someone from your family who is at nutritional risk. If you can accurately differentiate how much a person has his share of eating, you can generate for minimum of two people.


How to can I get more help on my balanced diet plan?